Letter To Families

We are continuing to monitor the rapidly evolving public health situation around COVID-19.  At this time, we would like to share some additional guidance on the health and safety changes that we will be implementing to ensure the safety of your children.


Our goal is to have a safe, happy and healthy return for our kiddo’s June 2nd!!  So, during the COVID-19 crisis we will be implementing additional best practices which will effect our hours of operation to 7:30-4:45. Daily Health Screenings for staff and families before coming to and leaving the center. Non-essential visitors are not allowed into the center, New Drop-off Procedures- New Pick-Up Procedures, Additional Health & Safety Measures In The Classroom- Social Distancing Strategies: Classrooms, Napping - Healthy Hand Hygiene Behavior - Additional Cleaning & Disinfecting, Including Toys & Bedding before the Children Arrival - Food Preparation, Meal Service, Outdoor time, and more. 


Labeled Items to Leave at School
Diapers/Pull Ups
3 Bottles or (Sippy Cups if preferred) (Infant's Only)
Sun Screen/Bug Spray
2 extra sets of clothes including underwear
School Shoes
Water Bottle- Toddlers, Blue, and Green Rooms
2 Sheets and Blankets- Will be washed at the Center
20qt Clear Plastic Tote
Hard Pencil Box or Lunch Box- for art materials



Please read, review and sign the Parent agreement after reviewing our Precautionary Protocols, and our entire Risk Management Plan (Three-Phased Approach) in Response to COVID-19:


PHASE TWO: (If a child or staff member is Identified with COVID-19 Symptoms) and 
PHASE THREE: CENTER CLOSURE (Active case in the center), Parent Agreement, New Drop-off Procedures, New Pick-Up Procedures and more. 

We are continually updating our processes and protocols in accordance with the most recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping us keep our center a safe place.