Before a child is enrolled, they will visit their prospective classroom.  If you are satisfied with your child’s interaction with the children and teacher and if we believe they would benefit from our program, we will give you registration forms to complete.  These forms must be complete before your child can start, including at least one local person as an emergency contact.


The State of Illinois requires that all children in a day care facility have a Birth Certificate and a physical examination Lead and TB test no more than six months prior to enrollment as well as up-to-date immunizations.  The physical form must be signed and dated by the doctor.  Physicals must be updated every two years; immunizations should be reported to the center as they are received. 


There is a non refundable annual registration fee of $100.00 per family. When your child enrolls we ask for a deposit equal to one week’s fees.  This deposit will be used for the child last week in the program.


Self pay- Payment for child care tuition is due by 12:00 on Thursdays.  Payments received later than that will be charged a $10.00 late fee. If fees are delinquent for more than two weeks, your child will be dismissed from our program.


Funded Families- Payment is due the 15th and the last day of the month. If fees are delinquent for more than four weeks, your child may not return until your balance is paid in full.


Vacation- Full time-Vacation is earned and taken during the program year.  Vacation must be approved prior to being away.  Unused vacation does not accrue.  Self pay families will receive 1 week vacation.


If you arrive after 5:30p.m to pick up your child, you will be charged $2.00 every minute you are late.  You will be asked to pay this at the time of pickup.  If you do not pickup by 6:00p.m and we have not been able to contact you; we are required to call DCFS and the local police department.


If you are late three times, you are dis-enrolled from the program.


Our classroom programming begins at 9:30a.m.  If your child arrives late, it disrupts the class activity.  If your child has an early morning appointment, we can make arrangements for him/her to catch up if they must arrive late. All students must be at school before 11:30am.


When a child arrives in the morning, any changes of behavior, rashes, marks, bruises, cuts, injuries or illnesses will be noted.  A parent must then complete an incident report prior to leaving.  If a teacher suspects abuse or neglect, they are mandated by law to report it to authorities. 


DCFS requires that children arrival and departure times be logged in every day and that the person picking up sign their name (not initials).  


Please call by 9:30 if your child will not be attending.  If your child has a part time schedule, you may choose to add additional days.  However, there is no adjustment if they do not attend their scheduled day.  There is no refund for absences including illness, holidays, or center closing due to weather.

Upon arrival children must wash hands.

Use warm, running water wet hands and a small amount of soap

Lather and rub your hands together—front, back, around fingernails and between fingers—for 15 to 20 seconds (it’s the friction that really does the cleaning)

Rinse your hands under running water

Use a paper towel to dry hands and turn off the faucet

Discard the paper towel in a trash can (avoid letting your clean hands touch the trash can)

Consider using a hand lotion to prevent chapping of hands


We try to control the spread of illness by frequent hand-washing and daily toy disinfecting.  We ask for your help by keeping your child home when he/she is ill, not only for their health and comfort, but for that of their classmates as well.


We follow DCFS guidelines when allowing children to attend or requiring that they go home or be dismissed from the program.  Please keep your child home if he/she has a temperature of 100° or 101° according to the age requirement listed below or has active symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, an undiagnosed rash, contagious disease, severe cold or cough or inflamed eyes. 


A child cannot return to the center until he/she has not had vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.  The child must also be fever-free (without the use of Tylenol, etc.) for 24 hours.


We follow DCFS guidelines when allowing children to attend or requiring that they go home or be dismissed from the program.

      6 months and younger:

  • A temperature of 100° or higher for children under six months of age.

6 months and older:

  • A temperature of 101° or higher
  • A temperature of 100° or higher with other symptoms.

All children:

  • Vomiting
  • Three occurrences of diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease


Children with a fever must be fever-free (without the use of Tylenol, etc.) for 24 hours before they can return.  If the child is already at school and has three occurrences of diarrhea, he or she should be sent home.


Prescription medication must be in the original container with the child’s name, directions for administering, date, physician’s name, prescription number, pharmacy name and list of possible side effects.  Over-the-counter medication must be in the original container with a note from the physician giving the medication name, dosage, and course of treatment. 


Parents will be asked to fill out a form with complete information and instructions for administering the medication.  The first dose of any medication should be given by parents at home with sufficient time to allow for a reaction.


If a child has received medical procedure – emergency or scheduled – a physician’s release is required for the child to return to the center.  The release should state the child’s name, treatment received, date the child can return, and special instructions for care.


We review student files and note children who have food, medication, or other allergies.  We post allergies to bee stings or insect bites by the Playground Inspection Logs. Due to children allergies outside pets will not be allowed in the building.


The children are served an early morning snack @ 7am, breakfast @ 9:30am, lunch @ 11:30am, and afternoon snack @ 2:30pm.  We follow the guidelines provided by the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. Please fill out Eligibility forms provided by USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. Menus are posted in front of the office on the parent board.


If your child has a food allergy, please provide a note from his/her physician documenting which food(s) cannot be eaten.  If your child is on a special diet for other reasons, please provide a written note with the reason.  We will work with parents to substitute appropriate food items.

Birthdays Snacks

Birthdays are a special day for the children in our center.  If you would like to provide a special snack for your child, please let the teacher know a day in advance.  They will be able to tell you of any food allergies Food items must be purchased, not homemade (DCFS regulation).  Please do not send candy, cupcakes, and/or cookies. If you would like to send goodie bags, we will put them in the children cubbies for them to take home.


Birthday party invitations can be distributed at the center only if all the children in the class are invited.


Note for infants and toddlers especially:  Mini muffins are much easier for the children to handle and are an age-appropriate serving size.



When children reach 4 months, we will begin to introduce cereals and other foods as appropriate.  You will be given a menu to circle the foods they have had at home and we will incorporate that into their meals at the center.  Children will eat according to their own schedule. Mr. Anthony pureed all the infants’ fruits and vegetables. 

Toilet Training

While children are in diapers, parents are to provide disposable diapers and wipes.  When your child begins to use pull-ups, please provide the ones with Velcro sides.  Two- and early three-year-olds in the Blue Room are taken to the bathroom at regular times, but are never forced to do so. 


We will not begin toilet training until parents have begun the process at home and the child can tell us when he/she needs to go to the bathroom.  When toilet training begins, be sure to send extra clothing!


Independent toileting is required for our Pre-School (Green) and Pre- Kdg (Yellow) classrooms.



One of our goals at Once Upon A Time is to help each child develop appropriate self-control and to assume responsibility for his/her behavior.  We provide discipline in a positive way by telling a child what he/she can or cannot do and by redirecting them to a different activity.  If a child is unable to control his/her behavior, they may be removed from the group for a short time so they can calm themselves away from distractions.  If behavior problems persist, the teacher will talk with the parents. If the behavior problems still persist, your child will be removed from the program.


Learning how to interact with other people can be a very difficult process for children.  Unfortunately, some behaviors, such as hitting, yelling, name calling, biting, etc. are developmentally appropriate.  However, it is our intention to help them learn socially acceptable behavior in managing their frustration/anger and in interacting with their peers and adults.

As a member of 4C, we have access to the services of a social worker and nurse.

They make regular visits to our center and classrooms and assist teachers in assessing any special needs of the children.  When it is appropriate, they may talk with parents about a referral to another agency.  The social worker works free of charge with families of children enrolled in our program.

Parent Behavior

Both the day care center and the nursery have locked doors that are opened by a teacher.   If a parent or other person appears to be angry/violent or impaired by drugs or alcohol, they will not be admitted into the center.  The director may choose to step outside to talk to them.  If the situation is sufficiently threatening, the director will call the police, informing them that the call is coming from a day care center.


If a person becomes angry or violent while inside, the director will suggest they follow her to the front to discuss the situation out of sight and earshot of the children.  The use of a calm and polite voice may help to defuse the situation.  The personal of the center will treat parents with respect therefore we ask that in turn you do the same. If you fail to adhere to this request, your child will be taken out the program and you will be asked to leave the facility. Our goal is for the teachers and families to interact in a friendly and positive manner around the children.

Snow and Winter Weather

In the event of severe winter weather that develops after hours, the center will follow the decision of the DeKalb and Sycamore School Districts.  If the schools do not plan to open, the center will not open.  The decision to open or remain closed will be made by 6:00 a.m.  The local television stations will include the center in their closing announcements.  The message on the center phone will be changed to say whether we are open or closed and announced on Facebook.


If severe weather threatens to develop during the day, the director will determine whether it is safe to remain open.  If the decision is made to close, parents will be notified to make arrangements to pick up their child as soon as possible.  Staff will be able to leave as long as the center is able to maintain the appropriate teacher to child ratio.  The director will remain until all children have been picked up.


A two weeks’ written notice is required when requesting a change in schedule or withdrawal from the center from the parent and/or Director. We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time for any reason, including but not limited to late payment, misbehavior, or unruliness of the child parent. We will make every effort to give a two week notice to allow parents to find alternate care.


Payment that is delinquent by four weeks will result in your child not returning to school until your balance is paid in full.