Keeping You Informed

This page contains information on current day trips for each group, special events and the dates for our parent-teacher meetings.

The photographer is coming!

A professional photographer will visit us in the coming weeks. This friendly individual has years of experience in dealing with children and will be sure to portray your children in the best possible light.

Vision and Hearing Screening

Date to be announced- DeKalb County Health Department will conduct vision and hearing screening for children in the Green & Yellow room. Connie will refer your child to a specialist.

Book orders- Book orders are due the third Friday of the month. Please see Ms Stacie if you have any questions.

Annal Walk to Mr. Johnson's Pumpkin Farm 

1765 West State


Adults $3.00 Kids $2.00

Volunteers Always Needed

Once Upon a Time Child Care goes online

Now you can find out what's happening at Once Upon a Time Child Care - on the internet! We hope you have lots of fun with our new, informative website.