PHASE TWO: (If a child or staff member is Identified with COVID-19 Symptoms)


All previous screening & hygiene procedures will be continued.


     If a sick child or staff member has been isolated due to displaying COVID19 symptoms, staff are to clean and disinfect surfaces in the isolation room and the child’s classroom after the sick child has gone home.  Other areas used by the sick staff such as offices, bathrooms and common areas should also be disinfected.


All parents of children experiencing COVID19 symptoms (and staff) will be requested to contact their local health professional for further guidance. During this time, the classroom and staff who had been exposed to the possibly ill person are to be excluded from care/work untilwritten documentation is provided by the child's physician that the child is no longer communicable and may return to day care. If the COVID19 test comes back negative, then the classroom and staff can return. If not, all children and staff are to be sent home to isolate for 14 days before returning.  All staff will be paid their regular salary if they are sent home to self-quarantine for this 14-day period. Communication with local Health Department.


Administration will communicate any COVID19 suspected cases with the DeKalb County Health Department and receive additional guidance and support. The Health Department will communicate further to parents through contact tracing if additional identification measures are needed.  Depending upon children absences/staff able to work, classrooms may close, or hours may be affected.