Developmental Assessments and Individual Child Portfolios


Creative Curriculum Developmental Assessments are done four times a year and focus on each child’s individual developments. These assessments are used as tools for the teachers to make adjustments in their teaching to optimize the learning opportunities they present to the children to encourage continuous growth and development. More formal assessments are done at the request of the parent in regards to developmental concerns, but because children vary so much in their development, referrals to physicians will be made if an issue is considered.

Teachers prepare individual child portfolios for children of all ages. A child’s portfolio consists of:

  • Child Profile Pages highlighting developmental milestones, favorite activities, close friends and family connections
  • Pictures of the child
  • Artwork and other artifacts of learning
  • Developmental Assessments and individual planning forms complete with goals and observations

Teachers continually work on individual child portfolios throughout the year and share them with parents at parent/teacher conferences. Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year or as requested by either staff or parent. Strong parent communication is a critical component of a child’s education and parent teacher conferences are just one component of that. Upon withdrawal from the center the child’s portfolio is sent home with his/her parents.