Character Development and Positive Guidance

We understand that children (even infants) start child care with differences, including whether they were breast or bottle-fed, have pets or siblings, recently moved, attended another child care or stayed home. We know that families are different in their composition and that cultures have different traditions and beliefs. We believe that children incorporate all of these differences making them unique. Here at Momentum we value the unique.

The teacher’s role is to help children grow in a positive way and to learn about acceptable behaviors in the classroom and in the community. We understand the need in today’s world to encourage such developmental skills as respect, empathy, responsibility and kindness. The teaching staff role model the following traits:

  • Respect towards the environment (by recycling and reducing our carbon footprint), towards our classroom materials (treating our supplies well so they last), towards each other (understanding we are all different), and towards adults (their knowledge and experience is worthwhile).
  • Empathy towards each other and towards animals and nature.
  • Responsibility to be true to ourselves, to be truthful, to pick up after ourselves, and for our own happiness.
  • Kindness to all, to animals and to nature.