Face Coverings Optional

OAUT will supply personal protective equipment (PPE) face mask for children.
Children ages 2 years and up, when tolerable, shall wear a face mask when      arriving at and leaving the day care center, when in hallways, and throughout the day, except when napping, playing outdoors, or eating.

OAUT will supply personal protective equipment (PPE), including, but not limited to, face masks or face shields, gloves for staff.


A) Staff shall wear a mask or face shield at all times when indoors; 


B) Non-permeable gloves shall be worn while serving food, diaper changing and/or dealing with wounds.  Frequent hand washing is required when gloves are not in use.



Additional PPE
Extra masks and scrubs for children and staff will be stored in a labeled cubby in the Resource Room. In order to maintain inventory, staff sign a mask out prior to removing from cubby. Supplies are checked weekly to restock as needed. Gloves, disinfectant and other supplies are ordered weekly and supplied by Rochelle Janitorial Services.


Parents, legal guardians, or authorized persons shall wear a face mask when dropping off and picking up their children from the day care center.